Looking forward to Next week in Los Angeles, Will be à fun and intense week.

Two fashion shows coming up february:

Los Angeles

information on location and time Will come soon:)



Feeling really happy and greatful for all the wonderful things happening now. I love to work hard at what I do, and to see the resuts coming is so satisfying.Thankyou all who support and believe in me:)

I am soon on my way to L.A, the one place that gives me so much inspiration.  Goint to meet with my buisness partner Oscar generale , and my dear assistant Azieb.

Anneli Åslev,designer Boca with Anna Sahlene, wearing Boca

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Anna Sahlene wearing Boca

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paintings by Anneli Åslev

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paintings by Anneli Åslev

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Paintings by Anneli Åslev

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